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VST plug-in meter for digital audio workstations






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PPMulator is a cross-platform VST plug-in meter for digital audio workstations which exactly mimics the look and feel of a professional broadcast Peak Programme Meter (PPM).

By adding this little plugin to the master output of your audio editing program, you can record, edit, mix and export your audio within a precisely-calibrated workspace - something which is often impossible to do when working in a non-studio environment.

PPMulator is designed to closely-follow the ballistics of mono, stereo and mid-side (MS) PPM meters (conforming to IEC 268-10/DIN 45406) and has a number of built-in additional features, including various display style options and a highly-useful Peak Logging process which logs all peaks/overloads against the timecode in the host application where they occurred.
Last updated on November 30th, 2014
PPMulator + - This is PPMulator +'s main window that shows a digital audio workstation.PPMulator + - You can configure here the way you want PPMulator + to be displayed.PPMulator + - In the Preferences you can adjust the Input.PPMulator + - This is where you can set the mono trim settings and reference level.

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