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A cross-platform desktop application which provides an easy to use generative (MIDI) music engine to design immersive generative music





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Noatikl is a feature-rich and easy-to-use application which will help you generate new musical ideas.

In other words, Noatikl is a generative (MIDI) music engine. With Noatikl, you can create musical information in the form of MIDI notes, and can also generate and send MIDI controller information to generatively control settings of your favorite synths, FX units and samplers.

Noatikl's interface is uncluttered and deceptively simple; yet Noatikl still lets you easily get remarkable results without needing to understand music theory or be a music scientist.
Last updated on June 23rd, 2015
Noatikl - This is the main window of the application that opens when you create a new projects.Noatikl - The Options menu lets you add, copy or cut voice but also process other parameters.NoatiklNoatiklNoatiklNoatiklNoatikl

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