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A utility that enables its users to access the videos and music in the iTunes library or watch a single folder over a network or the Internet

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MyTunesRSS is a powerful and user-friendly personal media server that enables you to access your multimedia content from various remote locations via an Internet connection.

Effortlessly stream your media over the web

MyTunesRSS makes it easy for you to download playlists, stream music to various music players, grab songs, videos, movies, photos or TV Shows with just a few mouse clicks.

Thanks to the web interface, you are able to play music from any computer or device without downloading or storing media files on the device.

On top of that, MyTunesRSS’ integration with social networks allows you to share your favorite songs or video clips via Facebook, Twitter or community.

In addition, MyTunesRSS enables you to use your UPnP DLNA enabled TV or media player to access the built-in media server and browse and play multimedia content.

Manage multiple accounts and restrict their access

MyTunesRSS comes with support for multiple accounts, to which you can assign individual permissions. Hence, you can restrict their access to certain parts of your library, lower the quality of the stream, as well as the amount of data that the user can access per day, week or month.

The best thing about MyTunesRSS is it’s ability to run out of the box without requiring third-party apps, with the exception of Java version 7 or newer. Fortunately, MyTunesRSS’ installer comes with a bundled version of the required JRE.

Change the default database and use your own client

More experienced users are able to change the default database used by MyTunesRSS to store the data with a MySQL or Postgres database. Moreover, you are allowed to create your own client using the desired programming language and use the remote API to access your server.

However, novice users can take advantage of the simple and clean web interface to create and manage playlists, find certain songs, videos and photos, play or pause the multimedia player, adjust the sound volume and share their favorite songs.

MyTunesRSS was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 13th, 2015
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