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A lightweight and straightforward iTunes alternative for Mac OS X that can load iTunes music, display 3D visualization and more

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Music Player X is a slim audio player for Mac OS X designed to provide a lightweight alternative to Apple iTunes. The player comes with a transparent, clean and minimal user interface, as well as a menu bar panel that acts as a visualizer.

Although not even close to iTunes in terms of features, Music Player X brings quite a few functions to the table. The app can automatically load your iTunes playlists and music library, slow down and increase the playback speed and display 3D visualization effects. An audio analyzer is also displayed at the top of the window.

Furthermore, Music Player X can be controlled with your keyboard’s media keys, such as play / pause and next / previous. In addition to this, you can view the currently playing song in the application’s Dock icon. As a bonus function, the music playback can be controlled via the Dock icon using standard playback control buttons.

Another interesting feature is that the application can display a 3D spectrum visualizer in the menu bar when you close the main window. What’s more, the looks and size of the player can be adjusted to suit your needs. To make it a mini-player, simply resize it.

If you like the application more than iTunes, you can set it as your default music player. This way, when you click on audio and video files, they will open with Music Player X. The app can also serve as a limited audio converter because it allows you to export your songs as AIF or WAV.

In a nutshell, the player provides a few interesting features, but one cannot compare it to iTunes. It might be much more lightweight and uncluttered, but it seems like it needs more work in terms of functionality and compatibility with latest OS X versions.

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Last updated on December 5th, 2013
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