Monofilter 4.1.0

Bring 'transparent' solidity to your sounds and sharpen, define and align them for the tightest mix with this cross-platform plugin

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What's new in Monofilter 4.02:

  • Fixed an issue with the phase alignment control when operating in zero latency mode.
  • The peak-hold time in the metering sections has also been extended.
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Monofilter 3 can bring back the centre of your bass, so easily lost through stereo effects processing, synth sound generation, unwanted phase inconsistencies and live recording mic. bleed etc.

Monofilter gives you clear control over stereo spread, transition and phase alignment, and the unique WYSIWYG interface gives you clear and exacting visual feedback.

Centering the bass where stereo FX are used

Applying stereo effects to liven or enrich a sound can work wonders in the mid and high frequencies, but often muddies up the bottom end. Using Monofilter 3 you can add stereo effects and still retain a solid centre in the bass frequencies, by reducing the width below the point at which stereo nature of the effect has ceased make significant impact.

Correcting phase issues

Some stereo effects use phase shifting to create the desired sound. This can cause cancellations and superpositions of certain frequencies when the channels are forced back to mono. Similar problems can be encountered with live recordings where different microphone placements have introduced phase artifacts.

Using the Phase control you can adjust the phase of the L and R components being summed below the threshold frequency to correct any phase imbalance.If the input signal has a dynamic phase shift, the auto button can easily be engaged to automatically track and analyze the shift, adjusting it for maximum phase alignment.

Making a frequency split

Monofilter 3 has very transparent, high performance crossover filter which can be used to split an audio signal into two frequency bands for individual processing. Split the audio into two streams (using groups/duplicate audio tracks etc.) and use two identical instances of Monofilter 3, one on each signal (slope and width control to minimum).

Select the ‘Mono’ listen button on one instance for the low frequency mono information and the ‘Stereo’ listen button on the other for the stereo information above the threshold frequency.

Sampling from vinyl / Restoring old masters

Sound sampled from vinyl, a staple of modern music production, can also bring with it problems. Over time, vinyl deteriorates. Old recordings can also suffer from rather eccentric mixing techniques.

Using a stereo analyser on an old vinyl recording will often show very high levels of stereo drift right across the frequency range. Monofilter 3 can be used to smooth out stereo image irregularities in vintage vinyl and re-centre wandering bass/sub bass sounds without affecting the rest of the mix.

Taking care for vinyl

Vinyl has difficulty reproducing stereo information in the low frequencies. Wide stereo frequencies in the bass can cause the needle to jump upon playback, so the track has to be cut at a lower level to compensate. It also difficult for the lathe to cut this information accurately. To quote a vinyl mastering specialist:

‘The moral for engineers is: If you are looking for hot levels or long sides, don't pan instruments like drums and percussion hard left and right. Keep the bass and bass drum in the center, and keep everything in phase. An out of phase snare or bass drum can wreak havoc. Use an oscilloscope if possible!’

Using Monofiter 3 you can centre the bass and adjust the phase ensuring that your recordings are properly prepared for vinyl pressing.

During Live Recording and Performance

When working with live material, giving attention to taming the unpredictable and treating the PA with respect can bring real benefits. Using monofilter to ensure that the subs (and even the bass frequencies in general) are centred in the mix can help share the load between over worked amplifiers and speakers as well as providing a sharper level of clarity in the bottom end.

Where a more subtle approach would be of benefit, Monofilter 3 can be used with individual problem instuments and groups (toms/keyboard players using global delay etc.)

‘Panning’ Bass

Panning bass sounds is usually something best avoided as off-centre high energy in the low frequencies can present more proplems than it resolves. However, using Monofilter 3, the low frequencies present in say a bass guitar track, can be centred, and using the L/R control, the higher frequencies (ie. much of the attack component) can be moved in the stereo field without the usual problems of the attending lows, giving the impression that the bass part has been panned, when really it is only the high, directional information carrying frequencies that have been moved.

Last updated on January 24th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (-)

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