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A companion Mac OS X application for the Microcone device that allows you to record your meetings, add you own tags and convert the audio to text.

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The Microcone device is a multi directional microphone that has been designed to facilitate the recording of small group conversations and meetings. Microcone Recorder is the companion Mac application that connects to the device and actually performs the recording.

Note that Microcone Recorder does not work properly without the Microcone device: you need it to be able to record a different track for each voice and easily keep track of the conversation.

Due to the intuitive user interface, you will find your way around the Microcone Recorder app fast enough. The main window displays a list with your recordings in the left side panel and their content on the right.

From the top toolbar of the Microcone Recorder main window you can delete a certain conversation, export the audio or associated data to a file, access the Nuance conversion service, adjust the volume, start / pause / stop the recording or add specific tags for the current timestamp (important, action item discussed, decision discussed or question raised).

Note that the transcription service is available only after you create a Nuance account and that the access is granted by in-app purchases: you can buy small (50 conversions), medium (125 conversions) or large (500 conversions) bundles.

The advantages of using the Microcone system is the fact that you can specify who attends a certain meeting and the Microcone Recorder will make sure to record the voice of each participant separately, while assigning a different color to each track. In addition, you can view statistics about the talking time, view a keywords summary or write down your own notes.

To conclude, if you are using the Dev-Audio Microcone device to record your office meetings, installing the Microcone Recorder app on your Mac is a natural step: this way you will be able to take full advantage of all the multi-directional digital microphone has to offer.

Microcone Recorder was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 1st, 2014
Microcone Recorder - From the main window you can start recording your meeting and more.Microcone Recorder - You have the possibility to accept a remote Microcone connection.Microcone Recorder - screenshot #3Microcone Recorder - From the 'Preferences' window you can easily change the interface language and more.

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