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Minimalist yet feature packed OS X metronome application that makes it simple for all musicians to keep up with any song's tempo







Metronome is a very simple to use and intuitive utility that can be used by both beginners and professionals alike.

Furthermore, Metronome has been designed in such a manner that all its settings and functions can be swiftly changed using a single key.

Thus, its users will not have to set their music instruments down in order to customize Metronome's interface to suit their needs.

Moreover, Metronome enables you to effortlessly change the tempo using your keyboard's arrow keys and the accent beat with the help of the number keys.

Additionally, you can easily start and stop the beat count with a simple SPACE bar or ENTER / RETURN key tap.

Metronome will allow you to do all of the above without having to stop or restart it, thus greatly speeding up and improving its users' workflows.

On top of all that, Metronome also comes with an "Accelerator" feature, designed to make it very simple and quick to speed up the built-in metronome's rate. Using this tool one can slow down on very complicated song parts in order to hit all the notes successfully and easily increase the tempo once the hard part has finished.

In addition, Metronome helps you to effortlessly save and re-load the application's settings in order to always have a given set of settings at hand, when and if you need it.

What's more, the app's built-in metronome tool is capable of running at any tempo rate, from 0.1 beats per minute up to 999.9 beats per minute.
Last updated on May 3rd, 2010
Metronome - In this window you can start the metronome and set the tempo.Metronome - From the Run menu you can start, double the tempo and more.Metronome - From this menu you can set the bell accent.Metronome - From the Sounds menu users can set the click and the bell sound and more.Metronome - From this window users can set their preferences.

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