Melodyne studio for Mac3.2.1.5

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A Multitrack audio editor





Melodyne combines the well-known Celemony's signature musical algorithm technology (Local Sound Synthesis) with the superior sound quality and enhanced editing flexibility.

Melodyne behaves like an audio sequencer or digital audio workstation (DAW): you record audio files or load them from the hard disk, arrange them into tracks, edit them, save the edited project to your hard disk and can then export individual edited tracks or the main L/R mix of the entire arrangement in the form of an audio file to your hard disk.

But despite these superficial similarities, Melodyne is very different from such applications, the reason being this: Melodyne analyses the audio files you record or load in order to identify key aspects of their musical content.

In other words, instead of simply displaying the audio data in an editing window like conventional sequencer or editor, Melodyne actually investigates the musical significance of that data.
Last updated on June 6th, 2012
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