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A professional audio plugin that integrates the most important Melodyne's functions directly into a host sequencer





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Melodyne editor is the an audio plugin which gives you the revolutionary Direct Note Access technology.

This technology makes possible what had previously been considered impossible: access to individual notes in polyphonic audio material.

Correct a wrong note in a piano recording, change the chords of a guitar accompaniment after the recording is over, reshape at will a sample lick.

In conclusio, the Melodyne editor allows you to do things of which, until now, you could only dream.

· manual or automatic correction of intonation and timing errors
· refashioning of melodies, harmonies, timing and rhythm
· transposition including adjustment to scale
· modifying various note parameters such as volume, vibrato, formant spectrum
· pitch shifting and time stretching
· (re-)quantization
· MIDI file export
Last updated on October 15th, 2013
Melodyne EditorMelodyne EditorMelodyne EditorMelodyne Editor

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