MReverb for Mac

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A special reverb designed for mixing in general and for spatial positioning in particular





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MReverb was designed for helping you avoid and optimize the audio-processing related time-consuming tasks. When you listen to a good mix, you should be easily able to place each sound source to some spot in the space.

Otherwise all instruments will appear at the same position and the mix may sound muddy. And this is exactly what is MReverb for.

You need to specify room properties and then you only need to move the sound source where you want and MReverb will try to make it sound like the object is on that spot. Moreover MReverb has 4 fully configurable modulators useful to make incredible effects.

Each oscillator in any of the plug-ins is defined by the most advanced technology in the world, which compounds predefined shapes, with custom shapes and a step sequencer. Global modulators can move any parameter and make your sound truly interesting.
Last updated on May 7th, 2015

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