Lucid Dreaming BrainWave for Mac

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A stylish Mac application that enables you to listen to Isochronic Tones in order to help you take control over your dream state.

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Brainwave entertainment is based on using various types of Isochronic tones in order to trigger different brain reactions. Lucid Dreaming BrainWave is a minimalist Mac app that provides access to a high quality Isochronic tones recording designed to help you take control over your dream state.

Uncomplicated software solution for listening Isochronic tones

The Lucid Dreaming BrainWave Mac app comes with a fairly intuitive design: the app’s main window includes a basic controller bar, while the center area displays colorful movement patterns that match the music.

The app comes with a 45 minutes Isochronic tones sequence that can be repeated endlessly, or up to 5 times. Via the Lucid Dreaming BrainWave top bar you can easily start and pause the track, and monitor its progress.

Effortlessly customize your Isochronic tones playback experience

The Lucid Dreaming BrainWave toolbar also provides access to the Settings panel where you can easily adjust the playback volume, or change the visualization pattern (the app includes 5 different models).

Moreover, you can quickly open the Help panel by pressing the button placed in the top right corner of the app’s main window: here you can learn more about Isochronic tones and how the application is supposed to work.

Straightforward audio player designed to enrich your sleeping experience by guiding you through different sleep frequencies

During sleep, you usually undergo between different stages: Lucid Dreaming BrainWave is using Isochronic tones to guide you through each state, in order to help you remain conscious while sleeping. This way, you will have a greater control over your dreams and be able to explore your imagination, while resting comfortably.

Lucid Dreaming BrainWave was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
Lucid Dreaming BrainWave - In the Lucid Dreaming BrainWave main window you can easily change the background pattern.Lucid Dreaming BrainWave - In the Lucid Dreaming BrainWave Help menu you can easily read the usage instructions.Lucid Dreaming BrainWave - screenshot #3

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