Loop-o-matic 1.0 Build 1.8

A clean, simple and intuitive status bar application specially designed to play your favorite songs in the loop while you work or play

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What's new in Loop-o-matic 1.0 Build 1.8:

  • Slightly changed details view behavior: if no metadata can be retrieved from
  • source, the streaming or file URL is displayed; also added right-click menu to copy
  • such data, if any;
  • Fixed uninterrupted 'unknown player state' error logs (streaming mode);
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Luca Marzano
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Loop-o-matic - From Loop-o-matic's status bar menu, you can easily play or pause your playlist and adjust the sound volume.
Playing music in the background while you work, read or even when you play can change the ambiance and lighten your mood, increase your productivity or help your relax.

Loop-o-matic is one of the many applications that enables you to listen to various songs and set the desired mood according to your current activity.

Practical and unobtrusive audio player

Loop-o-matic is a straightforward menulet that provides the required tools to loop playback a series of songs. You can create a custom playlist by placing you favorite tracks into a folder that can be easily played by Loop-o-matic.

Loop-o-matic comes with support for MP3, MP4 and AAC files, is designed to stay out of your way and live in your Mac’s status bar from where you can easily summon it every time you want or need it.

Intuitive semi-transparent interface

From Loop-o-matic’s status bar menu, you can easily play or pause your playlist, adjust the volume by moving the slider or by clicking on the “+” and “-“ to increase or decrease the volume. At the top of the menu you can view the number of the currently played track and the player status.

To select the folder from where the songs should be loaded, you just have to click on the “Source” button and navigate to the location of your folder. Once loaded, all songs will be looped played in the given order.

Unfortunately, Loop-o-matic does not display the name of the currently played track and does not provide you the option to jump to the next or previous played songs.

However, Loop-o-matic was not intended to be used as a simple media player, instead you can use it to create a certain atmosphere and take advantage of the loop feature.

Loop-o-matic was reviewed by , last updated on May 5th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only)


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