JMP3Renamer 2.3.2

A free MP3 renamer and tagger for your Mac
JMP3Renamer - This is how you can choose the files to be renamed.
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JMP3Renamer is a free and open source plugin-based renamer/tagger written in Java.

JMP3Renamer supports automatical assignment of the data to the files and magic cookies to specify the filename format.

Currently available plugins: Discogs, Filename, Filetag, Manual Input, Mp3, Ogg, MusicBrainz, Covergrabber.

NOTE: To run JMP3Renamer open the terminal and type the "sh" command, and then press Enter.

Main features:

  • PluginManager - With the PluginManager you may install new plugins, delete currently installed ones or update outdated plugins.
  • Options - A dialog with many settings lets you customize JMP3Renamer for your needs.
  • Languages - JMP3Renamer supports different languages. At the moment that are German, English, french and Spanish
  • MagicCookies - MagicCookies are wildcards, which can be used to specify the format of the filename.
  • Logging - The quantity and importance of JMP3Renamer's output can be specified. Furthermore you may specify a file, into which the output should be written.
  • Online-Help - the help describes the user interface and comes with a step-by-step instruction
  • Text-Functions - If you have data for renaming, you can edit single datasets manually or use the integrated text functions, which are for example converting words to UPPERCASE, lowercase or specifying the leading zeros for the tracknumber of a song.
  • Datasets - Represent the information which belong to a file. You can view and edit these datasets for any file.
  • AutoSort - JMP3Renamer can assign the datasets to the files automatically. That prevents you from long, boring manually assigning. AutoSort performs in 90% of all cases. If there are mistakes, you can change the assignment manually
  • PlugIns - let the core of JMP3Renamer stay small and fexible. You have the possibility to install only plugins, you want to use. This saves time at the installation and JMP3Renamer doesn't become a complex, hard to use application.
  • FilePlugins - Through FilePlugins JMP3Renamer gets the capability to open files with the according suffix and to read and write meta information. Let's have a look at the Mp3-Plugin. Is it installed, JMP3Renamer can open Mp3s and read and write ID3-Tags (Version 1.1 and 2.3). If no FilePlugin is installed, JMP3Renamer is useless, because no files can be selected for renaming.
  • DataPlugins - Through DataPlugins you can get the information / data needed for renaming your files. There are different plugins available, like a FreeDB Reader, or a plugin for extracting data from the files' tag.
  • GeneralPlugins - Through GeneralPlugins you can extend JMP3Renamer with any functionality. Think of a version checker, a player- or encoder-plugin.

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April 23rd, 2014, 17:46 GMT
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Henrik Niehaus
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Mac OS X
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Universal Binary
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4 Screenshots
JMP3Renamer - MP3 data can be accessed here.JMP3Renamer - The filename reader can be used this way.JMP3Renamer - The plugins can be managed in this panel.

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