JMP3Renamer for Mac

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Effortlessly and quickly rename and tag your MP3 files on your Mac with the help of this open source and plug-in based renamer/tagger




JMP3Renamer is a free and open source plugin-based renamer/tagger written in Java.

JMP3Renamer supports automatical assignment of the data to the files and magic cookies to specify the filename format.

Currently available plugins: Discogs, Filename, Filetag, Manual Input, Mp3, Ogg, MusicBrainz, Covergrabber.

NOTE: To run JMP3Renamer open the terminal and type the "sh" command, and then press Enter.
Last updated on February 22nd, 2015
JMP3Renamer - This is how you can choose the files to be renamed.JMP3Renamer - MP3 data can be accessed here.JMP3Renamer - The filename reader can be used this way.JMP3Renamer - The plugins can be managed in this panel.

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