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Improve your Mac's audio output quality with the help of this user-friendly and powerful OS X application that bundles advanced sound enhancement tools

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Hear is a powerful cross-platform app that comes with a plethora of customization tools and a large collection of presets to help you to improve and boost your Mac’s audio output quality.

Makes all sounds feel richer, fuller, deeper and more natural

In fact, this is probably the best part of Hear, the fact that it offers you a broader collection of audio control tools than OS X is simply not capable of offering. With its impressive collection of presets, it is well suited for times when you are watching movies, playing games, or simply listening to music.

Regardless if you are listening to music using a pair of high-quality headphones or using your Mac’s default speakers, Hear will make the sound crisper and deeper.

If, by any chance, you feel that the default presets don’t rise up to your expectations, you can always manually tweak the sound properties or create your own presets.

Full-featured and powerful sound enhancement app

With a powerful 10-96 equalizer, impressive 3D sound tools, speaker corrections, subwoofer controllers, ambiance and fidelity controls, Hear is clearly not lacking in the features department.

In the useful features category, we would like to mention the Mixer capability that enables you to tune down the volume of all running OS X apps, so that the quality of the system sounds won’t suffer after Hear enhances the overall system sound quality, and Speaker option that enables you to fine tune the sound so that it fully matches your output device’s capabilities.

Furthermore, as far as cool capabilities go, Hear has also got some of those: the BW (short for brainwave) transforms the way the sound is being rendered, so it can actually help you better concentrate or relax, while the Sub menu helps you emulate an authentic subwoofer effect.

Combine Hear with a good tune and a pair of high-quality headphones, and … WOW!

So there you have it, Hear is an app that will greatly improve the overall quality of your Mac’s audio output, without making things seem complicated, without draining your Mac’s resources, and without costing a small fortune.

Sure, it would have been nice if the app would bundle an auto-genre detection feature for iTunes at least, so you would have to manually change the presets, but this far from being a deal-breaker.

Hear was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on July 15th, 2015
Hear - Hear allows you to adjust the Super Bass, DeWoofer, Ambiance and Fidelity from the General tab.Hear - You can also adjust the sound by using an equalizer.Hear - The Mixer allows you to set the DSP and Volume to the desired parameters.Hear - screenshot #4Hear - screenshot #5Hear - screenshot #6Hear - screenshot #7Hear - screenshot #8Hear - screenshot #9Hear - screenshot #10Hear - screenshot #11Hear - screenshot #12Hear - screenshot #13

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