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An audio player and sound recorder for the Mac featuring a zoomable waveform viewer and controls for changing the pitch and speed

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Hapix Player is a free and straightforward Mac OS X application designed as a simple audio player, audio recorder and waveform viewer. The app enables you to play one track at a time and to change audio settings such as pitch and speed.

A simple audio player / recorder

Upon launching Hapix Player for the first time, you will see a plain-looking OS X user interface divided into multiple panes. Because the major features include the waveform viewer and audio player / recorder, you will see panes for the loaded tracks’ waveform, another pane for the recording and one to control the playback of tracks.

Furthermore, after opening an audio file (MP3, AIF, M4A or WAV), you can just press the big Play button to start playing it, after which the waveform will be generated. Luckily, you can zoom in / out the waveform using toolbar buttons in order to get a closer look at smaller areas in the waveform.

Several playback options

As mentioned before, the app plays the song and enables you to change the pitch (+ / - 12), the speed (from 50 to 200 %), as well as the volume (from 0 to 200 %). In addition to this, you can also go back 1 or 3 seconds and select an option to auto-replay the song when finished.

As far as the recording option goes, Hapix Player does not offer many options. You can only click the REC / STOP button to start / stop recording and the PLAY button to play back the recording. The only extra options are the volume selector and the waveform viewer.

A no-frills audio playback tool

On the whole, Hapix Player does what it says and enables you to play audio tracks, record your own voice and inspect the waveform of your songs. Though it does not open multiple songs or offer other playback options, the app can definitely help you in some situations.

Hapix Player was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on February 26th, 2014
Hapix Player - This interface allows you to listen to audio files and record sounds as well.Hapix Player - The app also shows the wave profile of audio files.Hapix PlayerHapix PlayerHapix Player

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