Guitar Charts Creator 1.5.3

A straightforward and effective Mac OS X application for novice and professional guitarists that enables you to create chord charts

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Adam George
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Guitar Charts Creator - By accessing the main window, you can create new charts or access the existing ones.Guitar Charts Creator - A chord chart page includes a white background and can be zoomed in.Guitar Charts Creator - Guitar Charts Creator provides various tools to create and edit chord diagrams.
Guitar Charts Creator is an intuitive and user-friendly Mac OS X application designed to help you create and print chord charts with great flexibility. In addition to creating an infinite variety of chord diagrams, you can use a total of 30 built-in charts.

From the main window, you can search or directly access your charts and the predefined ones. What’s more, Guitar Charts Creator provides various on-screen tips on how you can create and customize chord charts step by step.

Creating and designing a chord chart is a simple procedure. You first need to click the “New” button in the home screen. After that, just click on the name of your chord chart and the editing panel will open. The next step consists of clicking the “Edit” button.

Furthermore, a small panel of tools will be available: page zoomer, fretboard creator, text inserter, object mover and chord property editor. Using the window to set the fretboard size, you can choose the type of the first fret, last fret, as well as tuning based on multiple instruments.

Guitar Charts Creator supports multiple instruments in terms of tuning: guitar (6 string), bass (4 string), bass (6 string), banjo, mandolin and ukulele. Moreover, numerous tunings for all these instruments are available.

After creating a fretboard, you can add notes on it by simply clicking the fretboard interface. When clicking on a note, you can select its fingering or remove it using the “X” button. In addition, clicking the dots allow you to mute or unmute strings.

Chord charts can be zoomed in, renamed and moved anywhere on the canvas. When your project is finished, you can export it to a PDF or print it, but this requires a Premium membership. All in all, the app makes it simple to create tons of diverse chord charts and create print-friendly diagrams.

Guitar Charts Creator was reviewed by , last updated on January 31st, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only)

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