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A minimalist Mac OS X application that is able to search for lyrics online, and offers you the possibility to update the metadata content of your tracks.

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iTunes offers you the possibility to edit the lyrics of your tracks in no time (navigate to the appropriate panel after selecting the Get Info entry in the track’s contextual menu), but cannot help you search for lyrics online.

Get Lyrical is an extremely easy to use utility that can find the correct lyrics for your iTunes tracks, and then enables you to add them to the track’s metadata with the press of a button.

Straightforward lyrics finder utility that integrates with iTunes

To get started, simply launch the Get Lyrical app and start playing the song for which you want to find lyrics into your iTunes. At this point, in the Get Lyrical main window you can either click the “Tag Current” or the “Active tagging” button.

In the first case, Get Lyrical will search for lyrics only for the current track, while in the latter, it will continue to query for lyrics as you go down the playlist. On another hand, you can also select multiple tracks in iTunes, and then enables the “Tag Selection” mode in Get Lyrical: the app will perform queries for all selected songs.

Effortlessly preview and edit the track’s lyrics information

The Get Lyrical application also provides a Lyrics window where you can visualize the data collected for a specific song. If the results are not accurate, you can easily edit them, but make sure to press the Re-Tag button for the changes to take effect.

In addition, via the File Get Lyrical menu, you can decide if you want to include the lyrics header or footer, or if you want to see the fail/success statistics. For your convenience, Get Lyrical also provides support for using keyboard shortcuts (open the Read Me file included in the archive to learn more about them).

Get Lyrical was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
Get Lyrical - In the Lyrics window you can choose to effortlessly edit the metadata and re-tag the track.Get Lyrical - In the Get Lyrical main window you can easily choose the tagging mode you want to use.

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