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A no-frills music player and Google Play (Google Music) client featuring last.fm scrobbling, notifications as well as an equalizer

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G-Ear Player is a straightforward music player and Google Play Music client that enables you to enjoy your favorite music from within a user-friendly interface.

Google Play Music is an online music store and music locker that enables you to upload up to 20.000 tracks onto Google’s server. What is more, Google Play music also provides a music streaming platform designed to mix the Google Music All Access catalog with your own music collection.

G-Ear Player’s iTunes-like interface helps you listen to your music and search for the favorite artist or song with just a few keystrokes. You can easily create mixes, manage your library and playlists, and sort your list according to the album, artist or genre.

You can choose between two themes, “Modern Dark” and “Cocoa” and enable the Last.fm scrobbling feature by accessing the Preferences window. What is more, G-Ear Player features a graphic Equalizer from which you can also select the audio output device.

Thanks to G-Ear Player you can also edit song metadata, remove or add songs to your library, view album art for the currently played song and control the playback. You can even enable the gapless playback feature and receive notifications via your Mac’s Notification center every time a new song starts to play.

You can filter and rate your songs, shuffle or repeat tracks, share the current song name via Facebook or Twitter and control G-Ear Player via the Apple Remote. The left panel offers instant access to your library and various playlists such as Recently Added, Thumbs up or Thumbs down, unrated and more.

All in all, G-Ear Player is a lightweight and easy-to-use music player that enables you to listen to your music and manage your entire music collection with just a few mouse clicks.
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Last updated on March 25th, 2015

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G-Ear Player - In the G-Ear Player main window you can browse your Google Play music library, listen to songs and more.G-Ear Player - In the G-Ear Player Preferences window you can easily switch between the two default interface themes.G-Ear Player - In the G-Ear Player Preferences window you can easily enable or disable the Last.fm scrobbling.G-Ear Player

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