FabFilter Twin 2.23

Will please even the most demanding ears with two absolutely aliasing-free oscillators and two multimode filters.

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What's new in FabFilter Twin 2.23:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause typed parameter values to be rounded incorrectly, e.g. when double-clicking a knob to enter a frequency value.
  • Fixed a bug in the AAX plug-ins that caused the external side chain input not to work in Pro Tools.
  • Fixed a bug in the AAX plug-ins: after deactivating a bypassed plug-in in Pro Tools, the state of the bypass parameter would not be restored correctly on reactivation.
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FabFilter Twin
FabFilter Twin will please even the most demanding ears with two absolutely aliasing-free oscillators and two state-of-the-art multimode filters. Three LFOs and three EGs ensure there are plenty of modulation possibilities.

It's a breeze to program with the unique drag-and-drop modulation matrix, which even allows modulation slots to modulate each other. And with over 800 presets by our professional sound designers, there are always new sounds to try.

Twin's oscillators were originally developed from scratch for the award-winning FabFilter One. They feature sawtooth, triangle, and square wave forms, as well as pulse width modulation, hard sync, phase sync, and individual panning.

Two highest-quality multimode filters allow you to shape the sound any way you want. Each filter has six filter characteristics that define the unique sound and overdrive of the filter. They range from smooth with moderate overdrive to raw, self-oscillating and over-the-top! Tweak the filters with the interactive filter display.

One of Twin's best features is its drag-and-drop modulation matrix. To fill a modulation slot, simply drag the source button for a modulation source to the knob that you want to modulate! You can create incredibly complex sounds with ease by letting modulation slots modulate each other.

There is no shortage of modulation sources either with three LFOs, three EGs, velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, pitch bend, and keyboard track.

Each of these may modulate any modulation target.

Last updated on July 19th, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only)

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