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A well-designed and powerful application that enables sound designers and musicians to create audio content for games and applications

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FMOD Studio is a comprehensive game audio design application that enables you to create dynamic and realistic mixes and events, which can be easily integrated in your projects.

Helps you generate immersive sounds and audio content for games

FMOD Studio comes with fully-featured multi-track music and event editing interface that is heavily inspired by Digital Audio Workstations.

Thanks to the user-oriented interface and the well-organized layout you can quickly and effortlessly prepare multi-track sound effects and output high-quality sounds capable to enhance the gaming experiences of the players.

FMOD Studio comes with a long list set of tools that you can take advantage of in order to design and create original audio content without any programming knowledge.

On top of that, the live in-game support enables you to take control over the sound mix in real time, and generate flexible music systems with stunning audio effects.

Adjust the sound properties on the fly and obtain the wanted result

What is more, FMOD Studio features support for most popular audio files, such as MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, AIF as well as lossless audio formats like FLAC and RAW. Once a file is imported, FMOD Studio automatically analyses it and offers you numerous customization options.

Consequently, you can fine-tune the volume and pitch level, adjust the style of the distance attenuation curve, modify the event properties, apply various effects, activate voice stealing and more.

Improve your game with responsive and interactive audio events

FMOD Studio comes as a solution for professional sound designers, as well as novice users that need a smooth-running and intuitive application to modify and adjust the properties of one or more audio signals in order to create interactive audio content for in-game events.

With the help of the in-app mixer, you can easily change the arrangement of the signal chain in live mode. While connected to a game, the integrated profiler makes it easy for you to asses the performance of the entire sound system.

FMOD Studio was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
FMOD Studio - FMOD Studio helps you create dynamic and interactive sounds and music for games and applications.FMOD Studio - The context menu helps you create new events and folders, assign and move items.FMOD Studio - screenshot #3FMOD Studio - From the File menu you can import audio files, export GUIDs and connect to games.FMOD Studio - screenshot #5FMOD Studio - screenshot #6FMOD Studio - screenshot #7

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