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A fully featured sound designer authoring tool






FMOD Designer is a fully featured sound designer authoring tool. Combined with FMOD Ex only, it allows total control over game audio, including complex audio event behaviour, interactive music, multi-layer sounds, effects, envelopes, playback randomization and more! This application is intended for use with FMOD Ex API.

This easy to use and flexible sound designer tool allows simple or complex multi-layer/effect/envelope based sound events to be modeled and created by the sound designer. The capabilities would include such things as layering, effects, random behavior, and stitching of sounds.

The aim is for a sound designer to totally design the in game audio from an external tool, and simply supply the programmer with assets and an event list to implement. If the audio behavior needs to be changed within the game, it should be up to the sound designer not the programmer to do this.

The layering screen allows for complex audio models (such as a car engine with sounds, multiple cross fading channels, and effects) to be totally controlled by the author, then all the programmer has to do is call the previously defined set of simple commands, such as SendEvent and UpdateParameter.

In the car model cast, the 'parameter' in UpdateParameter might just be 'revs' or 'torque' or some other English type value, rather than a value defined by a programmer.

NOTE: Free for non-commercial use.
Last updated on October 18th, 2014
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