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A FM synthesizer that proves to be perfect when it comes to crystalline sounds for melody and percussion

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FM8 is a user friendly yet very powerful frequency modulation synthesizer that integrates over 960 presets, an intuitive graphical user interface featuring an FM matrix, and a formidable audio engine for rendering high quality sounds.

Well structured audio controller for dealing with frequency modulation synthesis

FM8 comes with a frequency modulation matrix that enables you to effortlessly connect two operators : the modulator and the carrier signals. In addition, FM8 enables you to adjust the modulation parameters: since you can easily visualize the FM connections, making the necessary modifications is fairly straightforward.

Both operators and envelopes have a “Overview” page where you can adjust different parameters, while being able to view the values of the other operators and envelopes. Of course, in “Overview” mode you will see only the most important parameters: to fine-tune the sound further you can easily access the detailed editing page.

Morph sounds to create new effects, or take advantage of the extensive built-in library

In the FM8 Morph Square, you have the option to combine 4 different sounds by morphing between timbres: to experiment with your sounds, make use of the randomize function. Moreover, the FM8 Arpeggiator includes 48 different pattern templates can be used to create melodic patters starting from your MIDI input.

On top of that, FM8 provides more than 1000 presets and sound effects, ranging from pianos to brass instruments. The application allows you to combine different effects and presets in order to experiment with sound while preserving a high output quality.

Comprehensive audio processing tool that can generate high quality FM sounds

FM8 proposes intuitive and efficient sound processing tools that can deal with sound presets and templates in order to help you create dynamic, high quality frequency modulation sounds. Thanks to its powerful audio engine, FM8 will render your experimental sounds at pristine quality.

FM8 was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 15th, 2014
FM8 - The parameters for the selected element are highlighted with orange,FM8 - You can modify the buttons with the mouse.FM8 - screenshot #3FM8 - The Preferences windows lets you set the velocity and the CPU performance.FM8 - screenshot #5

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