FLAC 1.3.1

Free lossless audio codec
FLAC - This is the help message displayed when running the flac utility from the command line using the "-h" argument.
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FLAC is an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except with FLAC you will get much better compression because it is designed specifically for audio.

You can playback compressed FLAC files in your favorite player (or your home stereo or your car just like you would an MP3 file.

NOTE: FLAC is licensed and distributed under the terms of the BSD License, GNU General Public License (GPL) and GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

How to install and run:
Unarchive, open a Terminal window, go to FLAC's folder and run the following commands from the command line:

sudo make install

last updated on:
November 27th, 2014, 9:26 GMT
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942 KB
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developed by:
Josh Coalson
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Home \ Audio
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What's New in This Release:
  • General:
  • Improved decoding efficiency of all bit depths but especially so for 24 bits for IA32 architecture (lvqcl and Miroslav Lichvar).
  • Faster encoding using SSE and AVX (lvqcl).
  • Fixed bartlett, bartlett_hann and triangle functions.
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