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A straightforward music player that makes it easy for you to fine-tune our song set without pause the player during your performances

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Embrace is a music player specially made for social dance DJs that can also be used together with iTunes in order to play your song set.

Minimalistic audio player for social DJing

Embrace helps you create your list of songs, fine-tune it while playing and sent it to an external audio device with ease.

What is more, Embrace comes with a simple, clean and intuitive interface that provides access only to the featured needed for social DJing. As a result, Embrace enables you to avoid accidental pauses, interruptions or glitches during your set.

From Embrace’s main window you can quickly and easily load your tracks, adjust the overall sound volume, monitor the digital VU meters, change the song order and even generate and display waveforms for the currently played song.

Offers you total control over your song set and playing tracks

Thanks to the context menu, you can reveal the song end time, delete the track from the list, mark a song as player and pause the player when the song ends.

On top of that, Embrace enables you to tweak the sound of the played son, reconciles the perceived loudness for each track and lowers the volume. In addition, the Preamp feature reduces the sound level when clipping occurs.

Moreover, Embrace helps you change the stereo settings and pan the audio to the left or right channel. As expected, Embrace features a graphic equalizer that you can adjust and fine-tune until you are happy with the output sound.

Add, tweak and experiment with different types of audio filters

More experienced users can try out some of the available sound effects that include highpass, highshelf, lowpass and lowshelf filters, add dynamic processor, peck limiters, multiband compressors and more.

There is also a list of special filters that offers you access to AUBandpass, AUDelay, AUFliter, AUPitch, AUSampleDelay and many other filters.

Embrace was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 22nd, 2015
Embrace - From Embrace's main window you can play songs and create song sets.Embrace - The context menu helps you reveal end time for the current track and pause the player when the song ends.Embrace - screenshot #3Embrace - The Effects window helps you add and remove various effects.

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