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Provides quick access to a collection of audio playback/DJ tools that will help you mix and organize your audio files, while providing support for real-time use

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Disco XT is a full-featured and comprehensive audio player that brings together a plethora of efficient tools that will help DJs and any other type of music aficionado to organize, manage and mix their sounds collection fast and with ease.

Complex yet simple to use audio player and mixer with real-time mixing performance support

Moreover, due to its vast assortment of easy to reach and and use music mixing tools and features, the Disco XT app is a great software solution for playing music during real-time events, and if you want to create and export playlists.

Furthermore, although Disco XT’s interface is featuring a slightly more complicated design compared to other audio players, it still manages to make it quite simple to manage your music tracks quite effortlessly, once you get the hang of it.

Thus, you can browse your music library through the left and bottom panels, while the top area is designed from the get-go to mimic a DJ’s mixing table.

Inbuilt music track manager

Moreover, Disco XT allows you to adjust the tracks tempo and rate, the cue, and enables you to go reverse or to pan the audio. Furthermore, you can join together different tracks in order to create a new playlist or a new song.

Disco XT also offers you the possibility to use multiple layers and, as a result, you can apply different effects simultaneously or you can use an effect only for a certain part.

After you are done adjusting all the parameters you can render the parts separately or you can create a single audio file and send it to your library.

Powerful bundled audio transition editor

As an added bonus, the Disco XT app includes a transitions editor that will prove useful if you need to create fade-in and fade-out effects or next song offsets. Moreover, Disco XT allows you to specify both the input and output audio sources.

To learn more about what you can do with Disco XT you can access the online Disco XT documentation page.

All in all, Disco XT is a fairly easy to use application that provides access to a suite of professional audio mixing tools, tightly bundled to offer you everything you need to help you create a highly entertaining and diverse soundscape in real-time events, if you're a professional DJ, or at home, if you're taking your first steps in the MC world.

Disco XT was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 26th, 2015
Disco XT - In the Disco XT main window you can easily add multiple audio files to the mixer.Disco XT - In the Disco XT Playlist window you can browse and manage your playlists.Disco XT - Through the Disco XT main window you can quickly manage and customize your library at any given time.Disco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XTDisco XT

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