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A fully-featured and reliable digital audio workstation that provides a long list of tools and features necessary for music recording, arranging and editing

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Cubase Pro is a comprehensive DAW that enables you to record, edit and mix your songs from within a complex, yet intuitive user interface.

Makes it easy for you to compose, record, mix and produce music

With Cubase Pro’s help you can effortlessly create projects, edit MIDI files, raw audio tracks and associated data such as lyrics and deliver them in various formats that range from musical scores and event lists to editing console.

On top of that, Cubase Pro enables you to mix multiple tracks into a single stereo WAV files that you can burn to a CD in Red Book format or MP3, or publish it on the Web.

Consequently, songwriters can compose and record their songs and take advantage of powerful features such as automatic voicing harmonization and handy composing assistance for beautiful chord sequences.

Take advantage of the far-reaching selection of sounds and loops

The smart features are accompanied by a selection of numerous instruments sounds and loops that you can use in your composition.

Thanks to the integrated mixing desk and the top-end channel strip modules you can easily capture your songs.

At the same time, music producers as well as audio engineers can take advantage of the state of the art audio engine, professional tools and seamless integration with existing studio gear in order to provide high-quality music, film and game soundtracks.

Easily find and use the audio and MIDI tools you need

Film composers will be happy to know that Cubase Pro comes with a separate video track, a score editor with more than 100 notation symbols and a scalable video window. Cubase Pro also offers an exhaustive collection of synths and creative effects for electronic music producers.

In addition, the Cubase Pro DAW provides advanced List, Key and Drum editors, user-oriented audio editing tools and seamless remote control integration.

With the help of the featured toolset for the correction and enhancement of vocal recordings, Cubase Pro allows you to adjust the pitch and timing of monophonic audio signals and harmonize leading vocals in various choral arrangements.

In conclusion, Cubase Pro is a powerful and reliable DAW that offers a comprehensive list of tools and features designed to ease the work for song writers, bands, producers, composers, vocalists, guitarists and different types of music producers.

Cubase Pro was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 4th, 2015
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