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A handy and user-oriented application that enables you to find chords, make chord charts and build a chord progression in minutes

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ChordMate is a streamlined OS X application that enables musicians to create custom diagrams and browse through the chords list in order to find the desired chord.

ChordMate is designed to satisfy the needs of beginner and professional musicians that are searching for the perfect sound. The digital chord book provided by ChordMate contains all popular guitar chords as well as the more exotic voicings that can make your chord progression sound better. You can sort the results according to the musical quality, bit or ease of play and according to the type of guitar you play, acoustic, classical, electric or jazz.

By using ChordMate, you can easily create your own diagrams and use the suggested fingerings, names and chord spellings. The chord progression creation could not be easier, you just have to drag the desired chord from the search results or even your own chords and place them in the chord progression panel. Thanks to ChordMate’s easy-to-use user interface you can experiment with multiple chord voicings and discover new sounds.

What is more, the built-in player helps you preview how your chord would sound played by an electric or acoustic guitar. You can also export your diagrams as PDF documents or PNG image files and use them in other applications.

ChordMate’s order and filter features can be used to quickly find the voicing you are looking for. You can use the provided filters such as first inversion and open chords or create your own one. On top of that, you can select a chord from the list of chords as you type your search. The generated drop down list displays the list of matching chords along with their formulas and notes.

If you are a guitar player and find the above mentioned features useful you can buy, download and install ChordMate via the Mac App Store for $19.99.

ChordMate was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 26th, 2015
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