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A status bar menu application that provides access to your iTunes music library via a minimal interface and is designed for audiophiles.

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High fidelity sound reproduction requires specific tools to be achieved. Audiophiles are aware of the limitations faced by Apple’s iTunes audio player so alternative solutions are required.

BitPerfect is a minimalist application that comes with a completely unobtrusive interface, is able to work with iTunes and provides a bit perfect rendition of your audio files. As a result, you will be able to listen to your tracks at the highest quality possible.

Note that BitPerfect is working together with iTunes: you will still access, manage and organize your music by using the iTunes interface. The BitPerfect app comes into action when you start playing a track and takes over the sound rendition.

What’s more, BitPerfect will play the songs in their native file format, including FLAC files. All you have to do is import them in iTunes by using a third party application, such as Fluke.

To personalize the BitPerfect behavior, access the app’s Preferences via the status bar menu. For start, you will be able to change the “Audio Output Device” (the list is not automatically refreshed, you might need to reopen the window to detect recently connected devices).

The BitPerfect “hog” mode makes sure that when you use an output device to play music from iTunes, no other application will be able to use the device until BitPerfect stops controlling the gadget.

Moreover, BitPerfect is using a 64-bit engine for the playback, double buffering to make sure even large files are player continuously, does not allow gaps between sounds, offers support for dithered bit depth reduction and using the integer mode (you need a compatible DAC and a supported operating system). To learn more about the application you can read the online BitPerfect user manual.

To sum up, BitPerfect is designed to work with iTunes in order to improve the quality of your music playback, as long as you are using high quality equipment and audio content.

BitPerfect was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 16th, 2014

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