Beat Counter for Mac4.7.1

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An automatic beats-per-minute detector for the Mac that supports exporting the BPM values directly to the MP3 ID3-v2 tags of songs

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Beat Counter is an easy-to-use Mac OS X application that helps users determine the beat-per-minute of songs by analyzing them using computational algorithms. The app is capable of detecting the BPM of tracks in your iTunes library and saving the BPM data to the ID3 tag of each MP3 song.

Knowing the beat-per-minute of songs is especially useful to professional DJs, as it allows them to know which songs have the same tempo, then drop them into mixes accordingly. Beat Counter can also help users who wish to create separate playlists with songs of different BPMs.

The main window is rich, colorful and displays a list of the iTunes playlists and songs you have added. Songs can be sorted by filename, artist, title, BPM and certainty / progress parameters. Furthermore, the area at the top allows you to queue files or playlists, view the BPM range, as well as to export all or just selected values.

After determining the BPM of your tracks, you are ready to export the values to iTunes. In the process, a separate window, which shows the progress, is displayed. You can view the files that were successfully processed, how many BPM values were exported and how many files could not be analyzed.

Note that Beat Counter can only analyze files that can be decoded by iTunes. It does not work with songs protected by Apple’s Digital Rights Management, though. You also get to set a few preferences, such as selecting the algorithm quality, background brightness, setting a custom background image and a value for simultaneous analyses.

In a nutshell, the application provides a simple yet powerful method to detect and export the BPM values of supported iTunes tracks. Even though it does not come with a modern or elegant user interface, it is clean easy-to-use. Beat Counter is not impressive, but might help you set the BPM to songs quickly and accurately.

Beat Counter was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 29th, 2013
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