Band-in-a-Box for Mac2014 Build 83 / 2015 Build 104 Beta

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Quickly update your Band-in-a-Box music accompaniment solution for OS X by using this easy to download and install software package






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Band-in-a-Box is a OS X application that integrates music accompaniment capabilities, and offers you the possibility to try out different song ideas without having to use complex tools that require constant user interference.

The application includes tracks for various instruments, can cover different music styles (Latin, Jazz, Country, Rock, Celtic, and so on), and even comes with a Mixer for adjusting the volume, tone, and so on.

The Band-in-a-Box Updater software package offers you the possibility to quickly update your Band-in-a-Box desktop application to the latest version and take advantage of the most recent fixes or sound collection additions.

Since the Band-in-a-Box Updater comes with an installer package, all you have to do is follow the on screen instructions, and you Band-in-a-Box application will be patched in no time.
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
Band-in-a-Box - The S menu lets you choose the rythm.Band-in-a-Box - screenshot #2Band-in-a-Box - screenshot #3Band-in-a-Box - The User menu allows you to define your own rythms.Band-in-a-Box - To see all the tools for editing a file check the MEL menu tab.Band-in-a-Box - screenshot #6

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