BIAS Peak Pro 7.0.3

Stereo audio editing, processing and mastering application
BIAS Peak Pro
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BIAS Peak is an application that can be used for stereo audio editing, processing, and mastering application.

BIAS Peak is very useful for sound design, as well as music production and mastering limited only by your imagination.

Main features:

  • Advanced Playlist Editing & Mastering:
  • Mastering & "Classical Editing" cross-fade modes: Overlap/Gap & Centered cross-fades provide workflow optimization.
  • Volume envelopes: easily & precisely edit volumes across entire regions, fades & cross-fades.
  • Custom default x-fades: create, save & automatically apply your favorite x-fade shapes.
  • New controls: pre/post roll audition, insert new event at play-head, edit sync between source document and region & more.
  • Playlist waveform zooming tools: zoom to sample level, auto-zoom to cross-fade, zoom out all the way.
  • Editing, Processing & Sound Design Power:
  • Cache in RAM: ultra-fast RAM-based editing.
  • Perpetual Looper DSP: ensures perfect "beat-free" sustained loops on monophonic sources - great for creating instrument sample libraries.
  • Voiceover Ducking DSP: dynamically lowers music level during voice over - ideal for podcast authoring.
  • Change Pitch & Convolve Envelope: apply dynamic changes over time.
  • Change Duration options: algorithmic selection for optimizing results with vocals or musical content.
  • Vbox cross-synthesis link: mix, convolve, vocode, modulate & magnitude multiply virtual instruments, audio, effects & live input for creative sound design.
  • Advanced dither modeling system: ultra-accurate emulation of most popular dithering technologies
  • User Interface Enhancements:
  • Sleek new user interface - includes global contrast control, magnetic windows and more
  • Vbox MIDI channel mapping, enhanced preset control & more.
  • Custom playlist user interface: hide/show cross-fade controls & more.
  • High-resolution meters: logarithmic metering with high-precision, user configurable standard calibrations.
  • Support for Frontier Design's Tranzport wireless remote controller (contact BIAS for additional control surface compatibility info)
  • Multiple Delivery Tools:
  • Advanced PQ sheet/text export: custom playlist reports with durations, index points, CD-TEXT info, notes, & more. Print, save to PDF, or export as a tab-delimited file.
  • Quickly export audio documents or playlists directly to iTunes.
  • Drag & drop audio between iTunes & Peak playlists.
  • Metadata support: read and write "tags" (artist, album, etc.) for major file types.
  • Author & upload audio podcasts directly from Peak (.Mac/FTP).
  • Default Save As: set preferred file type, bit depth & compression.
  • Save as MP2 & FLAC file formats.
  • Also includes the Peak Pro Production Pack - over $300 value:
  • BIAS Reveal LE: suite of 7 audio analysis tools.
  • BIAS SoundSoap LE: powerful, "one-click" audio cleaning solution.
  • BIAS Freq-4: 4 band paragraphic EQ.
  • BIAS Sqweez-1: compressor/limiter/expander.
  • BIAS Vbox 3: plug-in routing matrix.
  • WireTap Pro: capture Internet and system audio with no loss of quality or additional cable connections.
  • SFX Machine LT: real-time VST plug-in with 21 unique & special effects.
  • 32 VST effects (delay, limiter, vocoder, de-ess, tone generator, and more) from Maxim Digital Audio.
  • Hundreds of top quality audio loops from PowerFX.
  • 100+ high quality sound effects from Hollywood Edge.
  • 1 year free membership from - online promotional tools for serious musicians. Build your musical career on
  • AMG's "ONE" sample player: real time sample playback instrument featuring a limited selection of quality loop content.
  • 100 high quality production elements from Sound Ideas.

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BIAS Peak Pro
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3 Screenshots
BIAS Peak ProBIAS Peak Pro
What's New in version 7.0
  • Peak Pro 7 includes a new de-clipping tool for repairing audio files. "Clipped" recordings are corrected using advanced re-synthesis and spectral repair DSP algorithms from BIAS that produce jaw-dropping results. Peak Pro 7 also integrates editions of the highly acclaimed SoundSoap Pro 2 and Master Perfection Suite plug-ins, plus a new wide-band peak limiter. The additional signal processing tools make Peak Pro 7 the most comprehensive audio editing and processing application for Mac OS X in its class. Other enhancements include support for MP3 VBR (Variable Bit Rate) and compressed WAVE files, Japanese CD-TEXT, Pro Tools playback keyboard short cuts, and other improvements. Unlike previous editions, Peak Pro 7 includes DDP (Disc Description Protocol) Export — providing support for this popular pre-master delivery format at no additional charge.
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