Auto-Tune EFX for Mac3.0.0

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Easy to use yet powerful real-time pitch correction solution for getting the most out of any vocal recording and fixing pitch errors in no time

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Auto-Tune EFX has been designed from scratch to make it as simple as possible to apply both pitch correction and the Auto-Tune vocal effect to any audio recording.

Comprehensive and very simple to use pitch correction audio plug-in

The only thing that you'll have to do to use it is to choose the effect you want to apply, select a key and a scale for the currently loaded audio track, and Auto-Tune EFX will do everything for you.

If the song you are trying to "repair" features lots of complex modulations and/or progressions, you will also be able to use the audio host's automation feature or set your own custom scales.

Automatically adjusts vocal performances to match a set of target notes

The pitch correction algorithm in Auto-Tune EFX is designed to work by constantly comparing the notes and the voice track and, if the voice does not match the target notes, it will be automatically adjusted.

If you want to correct various types of voice intonation while also maintaining the recording's overall quality and expressiveness, then Auto-Tune EFX's Pitch Correct is the only tool that you'll ever need.

Inbuilt Auto-Tune vocal effect for removing variations and forcing quick note transitions

Furthermore, Auto-Tune EFX bundles a so-called vocal effect designed to abruptly limit notes to an accurate and fixed value which, although precise and fast, will also add sudden and rapid shifts between your track’s notes.

Apply a wide variety of pre-defined and custom musical patterns to performances

As an added bonus, Auto-Tune EFX also provides you with a vocal pattern generation audio effect that makes it quick and effortless to apply complex musical patterns on top of any vocal performance.

Thus, once you select a performance and the pattern to apply, you just have to click the Auto-Motion Trigger anywhere within the vocal performance track and Auto-Tune EFX will automatically transform the melody according to the pre-defined pattern you’ve chosen.

What is more, beside Auto-Tune EFX’s built-in musical pattern collection, you can also design your own custom patterns for easier track adjusting and faster personalization of the output recording.

Intuitive and full-featured real-time vocal correction, with inbuilt automation features

In a nutshell, Auto-Tune EFX is a powerful and full-featured vocal correction audio plug-in designed to help you correct pitch automatically and in real-time or by applying a pre-defined musical pattern to any vocal performance with a mouse click.

Auto-Tune EFX was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on February 11th, 2015
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