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Highly modular and minimalist audio processing utility designed to help you create your own sounds in real-time and with minimum effort

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Traditionally, audio processing applications are huge behemoths with countless tools and crowded menus designed to allow you to alter or create sounds from scratch or by using various audio samples.

Quartz Composer-styled audio soundscape creator

This is not the case of Audulus, a minimalistic and straightforward audio processor designed to resemble the likes of Apple’s Quartz Composer app and to help you create and modify sounds much in the same manner.

For that reason and because Audulus employs the same workflow as you would use for creating animations with Quartz Composer, the app is very easy to use for people that have previously worked with utilities that operate with the help of modules.

Module based sound generator with low latency and real-time audio processor

Audulus helps you build your own sound synthesizers from the ground up, adding module upon module until you get the result you were looking for.

Moreover, you can also use your favorite audio units and any one of the many built-in processing tools to modify an input sound, thus allowing you to focus on your sound design tasks instead of wasting time browsing around your Mac’s hard drive or the web for the tools that you need.

As a consequence, also adding the fact that it comes with real-time and very low latency audio processing capabilities, Audulus is the perfect tool to use during live performances.

Intuitive and innovative soundscape designer for the Mac

Additionally, while using Audulus to process sound or construct your own sounds using its large variety of synthesizers and generators, you can also take advantage of its intrinsic modularity to quickly remove parts of your node constructions that do not quite fit the end result that you imagined.

All things considered, Audulus is quite an unusual sound design software that will supply you with all the tools you need to create breathtaking audio works of art with just a few flicks of your mouse.

Audulus was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on April 29th, 2015
Audulus - Audulus features a smooth and fluid interaction with its user interface.Audulus - You will be able to use various nodes ranging from ADSR to ZeroCross.Audulus - Audulus can also be used as an Audio Units plugin inside your favorite host.AudulusAudulus

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