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A small Mac OS X application that provides desktop access to a collection of dictionaries that provide word definitions in seven languages.

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Multilingual dictionaries are extremely useful if you need to frequently translate words between multiple languages. ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary is an easy to use Mac app that can translate words from English to Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian and backwards.

Moreover, ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary is also able to translate words from Russian to English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and vice versa. Noteworthy is that all dictionaries are included in the application, so you do not need to have an internet connection to use them.

For the English translations, ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary is using the Oxford dictionaries: New Oxford American Dictionary (250.000 words), Oxford Dictionary of English (355.000 words) and Collins Cobuild advanced Learner’s English Dictionary (88.000 words).

When dealing with other languages, ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary is using the Concise Oxford Hachette French Dictionary (175.000 words), the Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (170.000 words), the Concise Oxford Duden German Dictionary (150.000 words) and the Concise Oxford Paravia Italian Dictionary (175.000 words).

Of course, ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary also comes with a collection of dictionaries for the other supported language, Russian: there are multiple sources that will help you translate the words to all the other languages.

For each word, ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary allows you to view usage samples, meanings of set expressions, verb forms if it is the case, synonyms, antonyms, grammar notes or cultural details. What’s more, you can also listen to pronunciations recorded by native speakers.

Notable is the fact that ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary includes support for translating technical terms related to various fields, such as engineering, law, marketing, finance and banking, medicine, economics, computers and more.

To conclude, if you are looking for a multilingual dictionary that can translate words to and from English or Russian to Spanish, German, French, Italian or Portuguese, ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary can be a great addition to your software collection.

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 7th, 2015
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