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A lightweight and very easy-to-use application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly upload and scan various files, apps and folders with VirusTotal

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Keeping your Mac clean and malware-free is a challenging and demanding task, that requires the use of more than just a file scanner or antivirus. VirusTotal is useful and trustworthy website designed to help you check your files for viruses using up to 52 different antivirus products and scan engines.

Prevent infection with worms, Trojans and other malware

To make things even easier, VirusTotal now provides a straightforward file uploader that you can use to submit your files for scan without opening a new tab in your web browser.

Consequently, VirusTotal Uploader is a self-explanatory Mac OS X application that helps you to batch upload various files, apps and folders to VirusTotal and scan them for unwanted viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans and other threats.

Drag and drop the files, folders and apps to upload and scan them for threats

VirusTotal Uploader is distributed via a light DMG disk image that you need to mount in your Finder in order to copy the app to a location of your choice, preferably in your Applications folder. You just have to drag and drop the files and apps you want to scan onto VirusTotal Uploader’s main window. Alternatively, you can use the file menu to obtain the same result, if the source folder is not already opened in your Finder.

Check for errors and visit VirusTotal page for more information about the detected threats

VirusTotal Uploader uses a public API in order to schedule uploads of files and, as a result, it has the same limitations as any other public API user. From VirusTotal Uploader’s Scan tab, you can view the status of each item, view the detections ratio along with the scan data and the link to the VirusTotal scan page, from where you can view detailed information about the detected threats.

Thanks to the context menu, you can rescan an item, view it on VirusTotal webpage or remove it from the list. At the same time, the Log tab, helps you a detailed log about the tasks performed by VirusTotal Uploader and view the errors that occurred during the scan.

It is worth mentioning that VirusTotal Uploader crashed more than once when we tried to scan one or more applications. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed in the updates to come.

VirusTotal Uploader was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 8th, 2014
VirusTotal Uploader - From VirusTotal Uploader's main window you can quickly and effortlessly scan multiple items.VirusTotal Uploader - The context menu helps you remove or rescan a file with just a few clicks of a mouse button.VirusTotal Uploader - By accessing the Log tab, you can view detailed information about the tasks performed by VirusTotal Uploader.VirusTotal Uploader

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