VirusBarrier for MacX8 10.8.5

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A reliable and user-friendly antivirus specially designed to help you protect your Mac against network attacks, malware and hackers

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The Gatekeeper security solution that comes built-in within the latest Mac OS X version can prevent unauthorized applications from installing on your computer, but it will hot handle other types of security threats that you might encounter on a daily basis.

VirusBarrier is a complete antivirus solution designed to protect you against malware and viruses, including the ones developed for the Windows and Linux systems. In addition, VirusBarrier comes with a minimalist and stylish interface that makes it easy to use even by most inexperienced operators.

Powerful security solution featuring a streamlined installation and setup workflow

VirusBarrier comes with an installer package designed to handle both the installation and removal processes: to delete the software from your system, launch the installer package again and select the uninstall option.

For your convenience, VirusBarrier also includes a setup assistant that, at first run, enables you to select the security level you want to employ, and downloads the latest virus definitions. Later on, the definitions update is handled by the NetUpdate application that is included in the Intego folder placed in your Applications directory.

Scans your disk in real time and instantly detect any security threat

VirusBarrier enables you to manually trigger either quick or full disk scans so you can make sure your computer is completely clean. In addition, you also have the possibility to schedule scans periodically. At the same time, the Real-Time Scanning function will automatically analyze the files saved or accessed on your computer.

By default, VirusBarrier is searching for malware and viruses specifically developed for Mac OS X, but via the Preferences you can also choose to detect Window or Linux malware, keyloggers, malicious scripts or various hacking tools.

Comprehensive yet easy to use security solution that can immediately send threats to quarantine

VirusBarrier provides robust but user friendly tools designed to protect one’s Mac against all sorts of malicious software, regardless of the target operating system. The antivirus will scan your Mac in real time, updates the virus definitions frequently, and quarantines any threat as soon as it is detected.

VirusBarrier was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 24th, 2015
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