Norman Antivirus for Mac

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A fully-featured antivirus specially created to ensure the security and safety of your Mac as you browse the web, download and work with files

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Norman Antivirus for Mac is a self-explanatory Mac OS X application that provides advanced protection against various threats, viruses and malware.

Powerful and unobtrusive antivirus for your Mac

Norman Antivirus for Mac seamlessly integrates with the operating system and constantly accesses the information required to identify new threats and prevent the accidental access of malicious websites.

On top of that, Norman Antivirus for Mac promises a small system footprint by accessing your Mac’s resources only when absolutely necessary.

Moreover, Norman Antivirus for Mac is designed to run in the background and display alerts and notifications when a threat has been detected.

Constantly monitors and scans your Mac for potential threats

By accessing Norman Antivirus for Mac’s status bar menu, you can turn on or off the Continuous scan mode, open the main window and access the Preferences window. From Norman Antivirus for Mac’s main window, you can view the security and safety status of your Mac and initiate a custom or full system scan.

Moreover, Norman Antivirus for Mac provides reliable web protection via extensions for Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Thanks to the above mentioned extensions, Norman Antivirus for Mac is capable to monitor your web traffic and block any malicious content.

Helps you avoid unsafe webpages and protect your privacy

Beside checking the safety of the visited pages, Norman Antivirus for Mac is also capable to show you all detected trackers on any given page. Norman Antivirus for Mac’s web extensions come with advanced phishing, anti-fraud and malware filters, warnings of risky websites displayed in the search results.

More experienced users, have the option to change the default actions performed by Norman Antivirus for Mac when an suspected or infected item is detected. Furthermore, Norman Antivirus for Mac allows you to create exclusions list with folders and files that do not need to be scanned on a regular basis.

Norman Antivirus for Mac was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 23rd, 2015
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