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A powerful and trustworthy antivirus that provides protection against trojans, viruses, malware, phishing and other online threats

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G Data Antivirus is a self-explanatory Mac OS X application specially made to keep your Mac clean and away from malware, viruses, trojans and other threats.

Protects your Mac against viruses, threats, malware and phishing

In addition to proactively defending your Mac against known and unknown threats, G Data Antivirus is also capable to deliver addition protection for other computers connected to your network.

Moreover, G Data Antivirus makes it safe for you to banks, shop and browse online with the help of the advanced Anti-Phishing feature that keeps untrusted websites away.

Phishing is an attempt to acquire sensitive information by creating websites designed to look like well-known legitimate ones.

Reliable Anti-Phishing extension for Apple Safari

G Data Antivirus’ Anti-phishing defends you against these attempts and scans the website before you visit it and, as a result protects you against online fraud and data theft. The high level of security and protection is also ensured by G Data Antivirus’ Safari Anti-Phishing extension that is installed together with the app.

From G Data Antivirus’ main window, you can easily check the Anti-Phishing, Antivirus, Security and Update status, enable or disable the Real-time protection and initiate system or custom scans. The Advanced Controls panel helps you access and configure the built-in updater, scanner, shield and quarantine.

Define a course of action for the detected threats, viruses and malware

The Shield offers you the option to decide which actions should be performed on infected or suspect items and helps you view all detected threats. At the same time the Scanner offers you multiple scanning profiles, as well as scheduling and disinfection options.

G Data Antivirus is capable to try two different actions for every found and detected infected or suspect item. As expected, you can view all quarantined items in via the Quarantine tab and add folder paths to the exclusion list with just a few mouse clicks.

G Data Antivirus was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
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