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Free and open source virus checking solution for Mac OS X that uses the popular ClamAv antivirus engine and with free daily virus definition updates

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ClamXav is a free virus checking solution for Mac OS X which uses the popular ClamAv antivirus engine. ClamXav is available as a direct download version, or from the Mac App Store, the latter not featuring the ability to use your own antivirus engine and the ClamXav Sentry.

ClamXav is designed to detect and quarantine all kids of threats (both the Mac and Windows types) such as viruses, trojans, phishing and spyware.

The user interface is easy-to-use and displays all available option in a straightforward fashion. You can access here the toolbar, source list, infection list, console and status area.

Before scanning for viruses on your computer, users are strongly advised to update their virus definitions from ClamXav's website. This procedure can be done manually from the toolbar or the ClamXav Sentry, or automatically by specifying the update interval in the preferences.

The ClamXav Sentry is an important component of the antivirus, as it provides quick access to some of the most important functions. It also displays visual notifications about what ClamXav is doing.

Its menu item changes to indicate the status: it is grayed out if no folders are watched, it is black if folders are watched, and it flashes if it is scanning for viruses, or updating definitions.

Another great feature is the ability to monitor specific folders for incoming threats. This means that whenever you copy files to a location (such as your Desktop), ClamXav will begin scanning for viruses.

From the Preferences window, you can flexibly change the behavior of the antivirus. You can configure the audio alerts, set a quarantine folder, exclude certain files from scanning, schedule virus scans and definition updates, or manage the Sentry.

Additionally, ClamXav offers a Services menu to the Finder. You can also assign a global hotkey for scanning selected files or folders from the Keyboard section of the System Preferences.

All in all, ClamXav is a reliable and user-friendly virus scanner that certainly provides a strong layer of security over your Mac's data with its set of powerful features and streamlined workflow.
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Last updated on March 3rd, 2015
ClamXav - In this window you can drop files to scan and view the scan result.ClamXav - This menu allows you to add or remove files to or from the source list or infected file list.ClamXav - You can also open the scan or definitions update log just by accessing this menu.ClamXav - The general preferences can be modified from this window.ClamXav - I this window users can select the quarantine folder.ClamXav - Here users can add or remove file pattern or extension to exclude from scan.ClamXav - In this window you can set the log file preferences.ClamXav - From this tab users can modify the schedule options.ClamXav - This window will allow you to adjust the advanced settings.ClamXavClamXav

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