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A simple security solution designed to help you scan your Mac and quickly detect both system specific and Windows threats and more.

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Apple’s Gatekeeper is great if you choose to install applications only via the App Store (you can go only with developer signed ones as an extra caution), but it does not detect threats and viruses that are not distributed through applications or have been designed for other operating systems. As a result, you should have an additional security solution installed on your system.

Virus Scanner Plus has been developed by Bitdefender and enables you to scan your Mac in order to identify possible threats. The application is using the Bitdefender virus definitions, which are updated every hour.

From the Virus Scanner Plus Preferences window you can choose to have the definitions automatically updated before scanning, but you can also trigger the process manually by pressing the “Update Now” button from the main window.

Other customization options include the possibility to choose the actions that should be taken when an infected item is detected: you can take no action or you can try to disinfect it using the Virus Scanner Plus capabilities. If the process fails, the malicious file will be moved in the quarantine folder.

To gain time, you can choose to scan only the new and changed files and you can set a maximum size for the scanned archives. Furthermore, you can easily create your own exlcusion list.

Virus Scanner Plus comes with a “Scan Critical Locations” mode that will analyze only areas that are usually prone to be infected, a “Deep System Scan” mode that will explore your entire drive, and a “Scan a Custom Location” mode (you can direct it to a specific folder).

Noteworthy is that Virus Scanner Plus will not deal only with applications, but it will also investigate archives and other types of files, such as PDF. In addition, to correctly and completely uninstall the demo version, Bitdefender Virus Scanner, you must follow the developer's instructions.

All in all, Virus Scanner Plus provides basic system scanning capabilities, including continuous analysis options, combined with the Bitdefender virus definitions database: as a result, you should become instantly aware if your Mac is under threat.

Virus Scanner Plus was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 14th, 2015
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