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BlueJ 3.1.5

Interactive and open source Java development environment

Mar 30th 2015, 22:50 GMT

The Geometer's Sketchpad 5.06

Minimalist and user-oriented cross-platform utility designed to help students learn mathematics, a...

Mar 16th 2015, 15:36 GMT

Kurzweil 3000 14.0.8

A powerful and reliable reading, writing and learning application that was specifically developed ...

Mar 8th 2015, 05:38 GMT

Listening Singing Teacher 1.77

Improve your singing skills using this great tool

Feb 25th 2015, 09:58 GMT

MimioStudio 11.31

An interactive and professional teaching software suite that includes all the tools you need to co...

Jan 14th 2015, 07:44 GMT

Devawriter Pro 1.6

A great tool for learning Sanskrit Devanagari

Oct 20th 2014, 19:38 GMT

English&Fun 3.1.3

A software that will help you improve your English skills

Jun 14th 2014, 11:21 GMT

Cabri II Plus 1.4.5

Helps you design 2-D and 3-D figures

Jan 24th 2014, 17:33 GMT

ConverTable Planets 2.0.2

The perfect way to learn unit conversions and gravity.

Oct 19th 2013, 06:29 GMT

Xphile 1.16

An open source radiology teaching library system that enables you to manage and organize all your ...

Aug 9th 2013, 11:16 GMT

OpenTeacher 3.2

Easily learn a foreign language with the help of this application

Jun 29th 2013, 21:58 GMT

Soccer Sketchpad 2.2.6

A useful utility for teaching soccer coaches

Sep 20th 2012, 00:03 GMT

Master Spell 5.6

Administers spelling drills using 3,600 included words and sentences

Aug 8th 2012, 03:58 GMT

FlashToPass Math Flash Cards 1.1

A simple and intuitive application for children that need to master basic mathematical operations ...

Jun 27th 2012, 17:15 GMT


Minimalist yet very powerful application designed to make it quick and effortless to backup and restore bootable Windows partitions on Mac OS X


A handy cross-platform application that enables you to store, edit, manage and share information across devices and with other users

iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

Free and easy-to-use firmware update files (IPSWs) designed for quickly installing the latest iOS version on your iPhone and/or iPod device
iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

Microsoft Office

Collection of office applications designed to enable you to design documents, presentations or spreadsheets, as well as check your mail on your Mac
Microsoft Office


Powerful and user-friendly documentation viewer and browser that also comes with a snippet manager and a special snippet placeholder utility

Memory Clean

A minimalist status bar menu application designed to help you optimize your Mac's memory usage by quickly freeing the unused RAM.
Memory Clean

Audio Hijack

A stylish Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to record the audio output of various sources in just a few seconds
Audio Hijack

Mozilla Firefox

Secure and fast web browser that comes with all the necessary tools and features to fulfill all your Internet browsing needs, improve your overall browsing experience and replace Safari on your Mac
Mozilla Firefox


An application that serves up a perfect mix of maintenance tools and tweaks, all accessible through a clean and easy to use interface


Powerful and full-featured VoIP client that also enables you to check your Facebook updates and to make calls to cell phones and landlines at low rates


A practical and user-friendly application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly organize, edit, save and share your digital photos

Parallels Desktop

Powerful and comprehensive OS X application designed to make it very simple and quick to create multiple virtual machines on any Intel-based Mac
Parallels Desktop


User-friendly and fast web browser that provides OS X users with a minimalist interface and a fast website rendering engine for getting to get any content available through the Internet as quickly as possible

Apple Security Update

A software package provided by Apple that enables you to quickly install the fixes developed for the recently discovered OS X security issues.
Apple Security Update
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Audio Hijack
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phpWordTrain 0.2

Assists you when learning new languages that lets you keep track of every word you are learning

May 11th 2012, 08:16 GMT

Antidote 8.3

Easy to use French learning software for your Mac

Apr 18th 2012, 23:58 GMT

Easy as ABC 1.1.2

Easy as ABC will help a young person learn the letters and numbers in a fun way

Mar 20th 2012, 21:05 GMT

Master The Facts Multiplication X 6.0

Your own personal multiplication tutor

Mar 7th 2012, 09:38 GMT

The Number Race 2.3.7

The Number Race - Prevention of dyscalculia, or to teach number sense in kindergarten children

Nov 22nd 2011, 05:18 GMT

PsiCoder 1.1

A didactic tool, made for the support of teaching and learning of basic programming

Apr 16th 2010, 02:29 GMT
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Classroom Maestro 2.1.6

An electronic blackboard for classroom music instruction

Dec 2nd 2009, 16:34 GMT
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Home Concert Xtreme 2.1.5

An intelligent and interactive environment for learning, practicing and performing music.

Sep 19th 2009, 23:40 GMT

Alice 2.0.7

Educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment

Jan 15th 2009, 13:42 GMT

Guido van Robot 4.1

Free and open source programming language that helps students learn the concepts of sequencing, co...

Jan 8th 2009, 18:18 GMT

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The Baby Game 0.2

A simple keyboard basher for young children

Dec 27th 2008, 14:36 GMT
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Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa 1.11

More than just a game, it's the ultimate ecosystem simulator!

Oct 16th 2008, 23:46 GMT

eXe 1.04

eXe - export content as self-contained web pages or as SCORM 1.2 or IMS Content Packages

Jun 10th 2008, 18:52 GMT

Schoolhouse Fonts D'Nealian

Schoolhouse Fonts D'Nealian - Demo fonts to teach handwriting

Jul 8th 2006, 02:03 GMT

Schoolhouse Fonts Zaner-Bloser

Schoolhouse Fonts Zaner-Bloser - Demo fonts to teach handwriting

Jul 8th 2006, 00:03 GMT

Actor-lab 2.5

Actor-lab - A great tool to teach kids control technology an robotics.

Jun 8th 2006, 08:25 GMT
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