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BitNami PostgreSQL 5.4.38-0 / 5.5.22-0 Dev / 5.6.6-0 Dev

Add-on for WAMPStack, LAMPStack, MAMPStack or RubyStack.

Mar 2nd 2015, 08:23 GMT
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Bitnami MAPP Stack 5.4.38-0 / 5.5.22-0 Dev / 5.6.6-0 Dev

Software platform that greatly simplifies the deployment of Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP on OS X

Feb 28th 2015, 12:36 GMT

DB Solo 4.3 / 5.0 Beta 3

A powerful yet affordable cross-platform database development and management tool that provides su...

Feb 23rd 2015, 20:20 GMT

pgAdmin3 1.20.0

Administration/development for PostgreSQL database

Feb 22nd 2015, 08:39 GMT

PostgreSQL 9.4.1-1

Powerful and reliable database management system that runs on multiple platforms, is compliant to ...

Feb 17th 2015, 10:12 GMT

RazorSQL 6.3.17

User-oriented and powerful cross-platform utility designed to make it simple and fast to query, na...

Feb 12th 2015, 08:06 GMT

Navicat Premium 11.1.9

An all-in-one database administration utility that enables you to concomitantly connect to SQL Ser...

Feb 6th 2015, 15:23 GMT

Navicat for PostgreSQL 11.1.9

A user-friendly and easy-to-use graphical utility specially made to help you develop and administe...

Feb 6th 2015, 15:09 GMT

Valentina Studio 5.7.1

Versatile database management solution that can help you create and manage multiple databases and ...

Jan 22nd 2015, 21:45 GMT

Tuples 2.5.0

A PostgreSQL client written in Objective-C.

Dec 14th 2014, 00:33 GMT

Liya 3.0.5

Allows you to effortlessly access three Database Systems simultaneously from a single user interfa...

Oct 29th 2014, 07:43 GMT

Tryton 3.4

A three-tiers high-level general purpose application framework

Oct 27th 2014, 23:33 GMT

PL/Lua 1.0

Procedural Lua for PostgreSQL

Oct 7th 2014, 20:45 GMT

PyGreSQL 4.1.1

An open source, highly scalable, SQL compliant, open source object-relational database management ...

Sep 15th 2014, 11:12 GMT

VirtualBox for Mac

Cross-platform, free and general-purpose comprehensive virtualizer for x86 hardware, designed to be used for desktop, server or embedded devices
VirtualBox for Mac


A practical and user-friendly application that enables you to remotely access your Mac via the Internet in just a few easy steps


An intuitive and very easy to use application that makes backup, syncing and sharing secure and a lot easier on all supported platforms


A streamlined OS X app and multi-browser add-on that enables you to quickly and effortlessly access, generate and handle multiple accounts and passwords.


An easy to set up Mac application that helps you customize gestures for your Magic Mouse, Macbook Touchpad and the Magic Trackpad.


A well-designed and versatile application that enables you to stay in touch with your team, exchange files and messages in real-time

Mozilla Firefox

Secure and fast web browser that comes with all the necessary tools and features to fulfill all your Internet browsing needs, improve your overall browsing experience and replace Safari on your Mac
Mozilla Firefox

VLC Media Player

Multi-platform and powerful multimedia player that helps its users play, convert and stream most popular video and formats via a simple and intuitive user interface
VLC Media Player


Powerful and full-featured VoIP client that also enables you to check your Facebook updates and to make calls to cell phones and landlines at low rates


A practical, easy-to-use and versatile text editor that offers the necessary tools to edit anything from simple text files to scripts and web pages

Deep Freeze

Enables system administrators and Mac users to protect the operating system on any workstation by completely restoring the Mac to its original configuration every time it restarts
Deep Freeze


A small Mac OS X application designed to help you monitor the status of your notebook battery, but also provides details about the computer and battery model.

Parallels Desktop

Powerful and comprehensive OS X application designed to make it very simple and quick to create multiple virtual machines on any Intel-based Mac
Parallels Desktop

VMware Fusion

Enables you to seamlessly run Windows, Solaris, Linux and Netware operating systems on top of Apple's OS X and your Mac's hardware
VMware Fusion
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Mozilla Firefox
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Psycopg 2.5.4

Open source Python-PostgreSQL database adapter

Sep 8th 2014, 01:42 GMT

LiteSQL 0.3.16 / 0.3.17 RC 3

A C++ framework that by integrating itself into C++ objects, enables developers to create tables, ...

Apr 13th 2014, 12:54 GMT

psqlODBC 09.03.0210

An open source and free library to talk to the PostgreSQL DBMS using ODBC

Mar 28th 2014, 23:09 GMT

BenchmarkSQl 4.1.0

Contains a comprehensive set of tests that can be used to easily measure the out-of-the-box OLTP p...

Mar 15th 2014, 17:13 GMT

Pyrseas 0.7.1

Open source framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain databases

Dec 9th 2013, 08:12 GMT

SQLiteConverter 1.9.5

Quickly convert your PostgreSQL, Oracle and mySQL database to SQLite

Oct 29th 2013, 19:43 GMT

pgintcl 3.5.0

A free and open source Tcl interface to PostgreSQL

Oct 11th 2013, 04:50 GMT

Actual ODBC Driver For Open Source Databases 3.1.18

Allows you to connect to your MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

Sep 9th 2013, 16:07 GMT

PostgreSQL for Mac 9.2.4

Enterprise ready database for your Mac

Jul 30th 2013, 15:05 GMT

Navicat Lite 10.0.2

A sophisticated yet intuitive Mac OS X software solution for managing multiple database systems si...

Jun 12th 2013, 11:46 GMT

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JumpBox for PostgreSQL 1.8.2

Allows you to quickly deploy PostgreSQL.

May 17th 2013, 04:38 GMT

JumpBox for LAPP Deployment 1.8.2

Easily deploy applications where a tailored JumpBox may not exist.

May 17th 2013, 04:30 GMT

PgDBF 0.6.1

Command-line utility for converting XBase databases into PostgreSQL format

Mar 3rd 2012, 00:32 GMT

sqlcmd 0.7.1

A free and cross-platform, cross-database SQL command line tool

Mar 17th 2011, 01:49 GMT

SkyTools 2.1.10

Database management tools from Skype: WAL shipping, queueing, replication.

Jan 20th 2011, 22:58 GMT

PgBouncer 1.3.2

Free and lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL

Mar 31st 2010, 23:42 GMT
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