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BlockML 1.0 Build 76

A minimalist Mac OS X application that employs the BlockML markup language to quickly transform t...

May 20th 2014, 14:16 GMT

upCast 7.6.7 Build 1752

Reuse existing tools for gaining all the benefits of a standardized markup language: XML

Apr 7th 2014, 12:29 GMT

KnitML 0.7.1

Markup language that will help you express knitting patterns

Feb 1st 2013, 16:09 GMT

PyAIML 0.8.6

Free and open source Python AIML interpreter

Sep 6th 2008, 20:50 GMT

WIX 1.1

WIX - Text markup format which is a blend of Donald Knuth's TEX and various wiki markup

May 15th 2008, 00:44 GMT