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Silver Marble Folders

Luminous replacement icons for your Mac.

Jan 18th 2013, 08:03 GMT

Aqua Lion Folders

Luminous replacement folders for your desktop.

Jan 17th 2013, 19:13 GMT

Project G Lightning

Give a light look to your Growl notifications.

Jan 10th 2013, 03:37 GMT

Luminous Blue Folder Icons 1.1

The first volume of a new series of Luminous Folder Icons that helps you stay organised in style.

Nov 7th 2009, 00:38 GMT

Luminous Purple Folder Icons

Customize your desktop appearance using this great icon set.

Sep 7th 2009, 10:44 GMT

Luminous Pink Folder Icons

Dress up your computer desktop in pink with this nice icon set.

Aug 11th 2009, 14:28 GMT