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Retrospective 3.4.0 Build 30

An useful application that was developed in order to allow IT workers to easily manage their enter...

Mar 2nd 2015, 03:46 GMT


Hierarchical web server log analyzer

Feb 1st 2015, 09:49 GMT

Octopussy 1.0.14

Free and open source Perl/XML logs analyzer, alerter and reporter

Apr 17th 2014, 23:27 GMT

AWStats 7.3

Free and open source utility that analyzes log files

Feb 26th 2014, 12:40 GMT

OtrosLogViewer Build 2013-05-15

Java based tool for analyzing application logs and traces

May 20th 2013, 17:35 GMT

JavaLog Analyser 20121125

Customize your logs in real time

Jan 29th 2013, 05:54 GMT