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iMazing 1.2.2

Enables you to quickly and intuitively browse the contents of an iOS device and then transfer file...

Aug 2nd 2015, 15:44 GMT

Instashare 1.4.4

Easy to use software solution that enables you to transfer files between your Mac and any iOS devi...

May 21st 2015, 06:21 GMT

Music Liberator 11.0 Release 1

A handy and practical application that helps you copy music, podcasts, movies, tv shows and audiob...

May 11th 2015, 15:02 GMT

iGadget X 4.3.1 Build 351

Unlock your iPod's full potential

Jan 8th 2015, 13:41 GMT

Cefipx 3.70

Transfer songs and videos from iPod or iOS devices to your Mac

Dec 8th 2014, 10:42 GMT

Wondershare MobileGo for iOS 2.5.0

Copy music, videos and photos from your iOS device to your Mac

Jun 23rd 2013, 11:30 GMT

PodPhone to Mac 3.30

Backup your iOS device's music, videos and photos.

Feb 10th 2013, 17:50 GMT