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Iconie [DISCOUNT: 100% OFF!] 1.0.2 Build 69

A simple but very powerful Mac OS X application that is able to generate icons for utilities devel...

Oct 13th 2015, 15:55 GMT

WebCode 1.2

Vector drawing application for your Mac

Oct 13th 2015, 12:20 GMT

Sticky Password [DISCOUNT] 8.0.126 Build 388 / 8.0.147 Build 456 Beta

Password manager that provides you with a plethora of useful security features such as password en...

Oct 13th 2015, 01:23 GMT

GrandTotal 4.0.2

A powerful, yet easy to use financial application that enables you to effortlessly generate estima...

Oct 12th 2015, 00:12 GMT

IconFly 3.2.3

A beautifully designed Mac application that was specifically developed to help you generate icons ...

Oct 10th 2015, 13:54 GMT

1Password [DISCOUNT: 40% OFF!] 5.3.2 Build 532001 / 5.4 Build 540045 Beta 45

Password manager and form filler, with support for a wide array of web browsers and designed to ma...

Oct 10th 2015, 10:41 GMT

Creature 1.41

It provides you with a suitable environment and all the necessary tools for adding fluid and compr...

Oct 10th 2015, 07:13 GMT
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EDL-X 2.0.3

A practical and lightweight application that enables you to create EDL files using Final Cut Pro X...

Oct 4th 2015, 09:49 GMT

Schwartz 1.3

It helps you create and design complex vector-based graphics and easily generate source code for t...

Oct 2nd 2015, 09:50 GMT

Endicia 2.15.2 Build 626

A streamlined Mac OS X application that enables you to effortlessly generate domestic or internati...

Oct 2nd 2015, 05:06 GMT

APG 2.2

Create random passwords made up of words that, while complex, are easy to remember, with the help ...

Sep 29th 2015, 20:54 GMT

AnyToISO 3.7.1

Uncomplicated Mac OS X application that enables you to quickly extract the content of various type...

Sep 28th 2015, 19:07 GMT

Vellum 1.3 Build 13010

Provides a collection of efficient tools that will help you create ebooks for the iPad, iPhone, Ki...

Sep 25th 2015, 14:15 GMT

PatterNodes 1.6.9

A well-thought-out and highly customizable tool specially made to help you create complex graphica...

Sep 25th 2015, 08:58 GMT

Google Chrome

Fast and user-friendly web browser designed to help you navigate the Internet while also allowing you to stay safe and synchronize your websites and bookmarks between multiple computers by signing in into your Google account
Google Chrome


An easy to set up Mac application that helps you customize gestures for your Magic Mouse, Macbook Touchpad and the Magic Trackpad.

iOS (iPad Firmware)

IPSW update files designed to help you effortlessly restore and / or update your iPad to the latest software version using Apple's iTunes
iOS (iPad Firmware)


Free and open-source app suite that features a word-processor (Writer), presentations and graphics tools (Impress and Draw), a spreadsheet app (Calc) along with database, mathematical (Math) and other useful office tools

Tor Browser

Simple and easy-to-use browser designed from the ground up to help you browse the web securely using the Tor anonymizing software solution
Tor Browser

OS X Server

An easy to install, setup and manage application that enables you to use your Mac running OS X Mavericks into a powerful server.
OS X Server

Commander One Pro [DISCOUNT]

Dual pane file manager that retains the capabilities provided by a famous classic solution, while being completely written for Mac OS X
Commander One Pro [DISCOUNT]


Beautiful looking and fast web browser designed to offer its users quick access to any website via an intuitive and simple to use interface


Provides a plethora of tools that will help you turn ordinary home videos into captivating Hollywood-style trailers that are fun to watch and share.

Apple iTunes

Powerful and user-oriented OS X application that helps you synchronize iOS devices with a Mac, manage multimedia content, and effortlessly buy / download new applications, music, movies and books via Apple's iTunes Store
Apple iTunes

Apple Xcode

Full-featured and comprehensive integrated development environment, designed to be used by developers who want to develop and test OS X and iOS applications
Apple Xcode

iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

Free and easy-to-use firmware update files (IPSWs) designed for quickly installing the latest iOS version on your iPhone and/or iPod device
iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

FlatOut 2

Prove your driving skills and try to stay on the road while you outrace your opponent or spin them off course in order to wind the race
FlatOut 2


A lightweight and very easy to use music player that comes with support for multiple file types, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG or WAV


A flexible and practical application specially designed to automatically adjust the color of your Mac's display according the time of the day
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  • Apple iTunes
  • Apple Xcode
  • iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)
  • FlatOut 2
  • Vox
  • F.lux
  • Google Chrome
  • BetterTouchTool
  • iOS (iPad Firmware)
  • LibreOffice
  • Tor Browser
  • OS X Server
  • Commander One Pro [DISCOUNT]

SILKYPIX Developer Studio

A handy and intuitive RAW photo processor that enables you to enhance, adjust, correct and convert...

Sep 24th 2015, 15:14 GMT

Quick CSS Menu 1.2.0

Easily create menus for your websites with this useful app that offers an intuitive design process...

Sep 22nd 2015, 09:00 GMT

BitRock InstallBuilder 15.9.0

A streamlined and easy to use developer tool that helps you create installers for your application...

Sep 21st 2015, 06:58 GMT

MKVtoolnix 8.4.0

A powerful and very easy to use cross-platform application that was developed for helping its user...

Sep 20th 2015, 14:26 GMT

IconKit [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] 4.2

An elegant and user-friendly OS X software utility capable of generating OS X iconsets and app ico...

Sep 19th 2015, 09:34 GMT

Cinemagraph Pro 1.7.2

A user-oriented and very easy-to-use image and video editing app that helps you create stunning ci...

Sep 18th 2015, 04:28 GMT

Bill 2.2.1

Easily create your own invoices.

Sep 16th 2015, 20:22 GMT

Anaglyph Workshop 2.7.1

Create anaglyphs from individual pictures, image pairs or depthmaps, batch process files and creat...

Sep 14th 2015, 11:54 GMT

CM TIFF 2 PDF 2.0.3

A user-friendly and practical application that enables you to quickly and easily merge multiple JP...

Sep 14th 2015, 02:11 GMT

QR Factory 2.9.0

A clean and organized Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to quickly encode vario...

Sep 14th 2015, 00:54 GMT

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Vault 2.3.0

A small and handy OS X password manager that enables you to securely keep all your password from v...

Sep 11th 2015, 20:26 GMT

SparkBooth 4.1.102 / 4.2.59 Beta

Simulates a classic photo booth by producing a vertical 4-photo strip of each image

Sep 10th 2015, 07:07 GMT

install4j 6.0.4

An easy to use multi-platform Java installer builder that is able to generate native installers an...

Sep 8th 2015, 21:59 GMT

AssetCreator 1.0.1

Quickly generate icon assets for your Apple Watch, iOS, or OS X applications in no time, with the ...

Sep 8th 2015, 14:52 GMT
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YapySudoku 3.0.32

A fun Sudoku generator and solver

Sep 8th 2015, 06:22 GMT

GPG Keychain Access 1.2.1 Build 1147 / 1.2.1 Build 1150n Nightly

Manage OpenPGP keys on your Mac

Sep 8th 2015, 01:57 GMT
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