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FreeCAD 0.14 Build 3703 / 0.15 Build 4477 Dev

An open source project developed for the Mac OS X that enables you to create high quality CAD mode...

Mar 7th 2015, 02:15 GMT

RaySupreme 1.6

Helps you generate and render 3D models and scenes

Dec 24th 2014, 11:16 GMT

3D Invigorator Pro 8.0.0

Easily create 3D models right into After Effects

Nov 30th 2014, 12:49 GMT

123D Design 1.5

A comprehensive and versatile application that provides a wide variety of editing tools designed t...

Oct 23rd 2014, 11:33 GMT

Carapace Copier 20120424 Beta

Easily create a 3D model from an input image

Jun 20th 2012, 10:53 GMT

Autodesk Inventor Fusion 1.2

Allows you to create and edit 3D models

Apr 19th 2012, 09:19 GMT