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Universal Mailer 2.1.5

A plugin designed to automatically auto-format e-mails before sending and to solve variou...

Aug 11th 2014, 12:10 GMT

Howard 1.07

Helps you monitor your email account

May 31st 2014, 04:54 GMT

StackInbox 2.2

A simple inbox client for Mac.

Jul 24th 2012, 02:18 GMT

MacBiff 1.1.16

Checks your IMAP server for new email

Feb 13th 2012, 07:26 GMT

Quickrr Email Rehab 1.0

Google Chrome add-on that cures your e-mail addiction

Dec 24th 2010, 19:07 GMT

libmail 0.3

A mail handling library

Jul 21st 2009, 18:10 GMT

Count POPular 1.1

Easily connect to your email server and check how many email messages you have.

May 27th 2009, 04:03 GMT

GammaMail 0.2.1

Python-based email checker

Mar 17th 2009, 15:50 GMT

IMAPCheck 1.2

Changes the way Mail checks for new email on IMAP accounts

Oct 13th 2008, 00:19 GMT

VersaForward Personal 4.0

Forward your emails to your cell phone, pager, PDA, Blackberry, or other email.

Aug 21st 2008, 20:46 GMT

GMail Checker 2.0

A simple and comfy way to see if you have any new emails in your GMail account

Jun 22nd 2008, 21:33 GMT

Mom's Mail 0.5 Beta

Mom's Mail is a mind-numbingly simple email program...

Apr 3rd 2008, 11:41 GMT