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A free Argyll CMS powered tool which will enable users to calibrate and characterize displays usin...

Nov 21st 2014, 05:03 GMT

JHOVE 1.11

A very handy framework that was developed in order to provide you with the functions necessary to ...

Sep 30th 2013, 23:31 GMT

AnCaraS 0.3.1a Alpha

Easily analyze and characterize websites

Dec 3rd 2010, 08:29 GMT

RetroMap 0.021

Helps to visually characterize LTR retroelements on a genome scale

Aug 31st 2010, 12:33 GMT

Iometer 1.1.0

Free and open source measurement and characterization tool for single and clustered systems

Oct 25th 2008, 16:38 GMT

MDR 1.2.4

MDR - Nonparametric alternative to logistic regression for detecting and characterizing nonlinear ...

Jul 20th 2008, 19:32 GMT

Network Analysis Toolkit 1.0

Network Analysis Toolkit - Plugin package for ImageJ that assists with quantification and characte...

Feb 7th 2008, 16:40 GMT